About Our Worship

God is such a great and glorious God that He is worthy of praise all the days
of our lives. God commands everyone to honor and worship Him. In obedience, we
strive to love Him with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and to love our
neighbors as ourselves.
Psalm 116:12-17


God’s great holiness demands we worship Him as He has commanded in the Bible.
We seek to obey God, not to earn His favor (Jesus has earned that for us
already), but out of love and thankfulness for the gift of His Son.
II Corinthians 9:15

God commands that Sunday be a day of rest set apart from other days. It is a
day in which we can be particularly devoted to His service. On this day we
gather in formal, public worship twice.
Exodus 20:8-11


We sing versifications of the Psalms in our worship services. We believe that the Psalms are the song book which God has given to His church and thus should have prominence
in our worship.

Our worship liturgy is simple, but significant. The elements of worship –
prayer, singing, preaching, and giving to help the poor – are taught in the
Bible as belonging to worship, and therefore, we use only these elements in our


Our worship services are characterized by reverence and respect for God and
for His Word. Their focal point is the preaching of God’s Word, which He uses to
instruct us in the truth of salvation and to call us to constant repentance and
faith in Jesus Christ. In this way God strengthens us, encourages us, and helps
us to know Him better.
Hebrews 10:16-25

Our children are present in our worship services. They are there because we
believe that our children are God’s heritage and as such must be instructed in
the history and doctrines of the Bible. We believe that God works faith in them
at an early age and that they, too, benefit spiritually by the preaching of the
Deuteronomy 6:6-7

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